Early Arts Preschool - Homewood, Alabama - Children Studying2 Year-Old

The 2 year-old class is informal, but with structure.  We believe in a "hands-on" approach to learning.  Some of the skills that your child will learn are as follows:

  • socialization skills
  • counting / shapes / colors
  • games
  • painting
  • building
  • playing with clay
  • literature
  • music-singing and movement

This is just a sample of the wonderful things learned in this class. 

 3 Year-Old

The 3 year-old class is slightly more formal than the 2-year-old class.  The main teaching methods are the same, but the art projects are more detailed.  Some of the things introduced in this class are as follows:

  • the alphabet
  • simple math (number recognition, counting, patterns)
  • colors / shapes
  • painting / playing with clay / using scissors
  • building blocks / puzzles
  • music / drama / theatre
  • literature / music / games
  • social skills / manners
  • learn name
  • show and tell

Early Arts Preschool - Homewood, Alabama - Children and Technology4K

The 4K program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten.  Our main methods revolve around the arts.  We learn about famous artists and create work that resembles their particular style.  In addition to this, we emphasize language enrichment, letter recognition and numbers, while adding fine motor, listening, problem solving and pre-readiness skills.  We also have daily calendar time, learn basic science and enjoy music, field trips, Spanish, library time and much more! 



Our teachers are loving and dedicated to teaching.  They will strive to:

  • help children develop self-confidence and self-worth
  • encourage interest and awareness of the world
  • teach sharing and taking care of toys and equipment
  • teach manners
  • help children develop coordination and basic motor skills

All classes participate in Creative Movement

All classes enjoy circle time and time outside


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